365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

365 ways book new-cover-3d200 beautiful souls have gathered to write the “365 ways to connect with your Soul” book, which will be published on the 17th of November and I believe that it will be one of the most inspirational and powerful books you’ve ever read!
Just imagine! Each day you’ll have a simple but very effective way to connect with Spirit and receive inspiration from your Soul! How can it get even better? Let me tell you…
On the 17th of November, the launch date of the book on Amazon, I invite you to a huge party with many super giveaways from the contributors, different from the gifts that each contributor will give to those who will buy our book! I have offered a private Soul Expansion session (valued at 85 Euros) for one lucky participant to our celebration party! So be there!     https://www.facebook.com/events/598552646954718/

My interview related to my contribution to the book was recently published on the book page on Facebook and some of you might have read it there. But, as I had to give short answers there, I thought I’d share a bit more about my story in this blog. So here it is:

Q: Please share a bit about yourself

A: I am 57 years young and I live in Crete, Greece, in a tiny village, not far from the sea, with my husband, a cat, and a dog. For a quite a long period of time, for some years in fact, I had to go through what is known as “the dark night of the soul”. I had to deal with serious health issues and at the same time financial issues appeared and asked for my attention. During this period I’ve lost my confidence, my desire to work with people and my identity became obsolete. Something new was to emerge from all that darkness.
The only thing I had during that time was my trust in Spirit and the faith that all it will be well in the end. I also had all the support I needed from my family and friends. Even though I felt completely lost and didn’t have a clue of what was to show up for my future, deep within I knew that something extraordinary was bound to happen.
And it did. I came out victorious, with my health restored and full of the excitement of new beginnings. 2015 became the year I was born again and I had to uncover and discover more about myself. As I was ready for all the changes in store, synchronicities started to appear, people came to help me on my journey, opportunities showed up at my door. And I became a bold, courageous being, decided to make the best of this year.
I knew it was time to get out of my introvert’s cave, offer my gifts, experience, wisdom and expertise to help and guide into this New Earth reality as many people as possible and so I created an online business. After that, things became clearer and clearer to me and I started to have more insights and inspiration related to my work. As I opened myself more and I allowed Spirit to guide me, I received my new mission, to guide people who feel alone, misunderstood, unhappy and unfulfilled, people who feel that something is missing from their life, into a Journey of Clearing and Awakening to remember their Divine Essence and connect with Spirit, Ascend to higher levels of consciousness and find meaning, purpose and joy in their life, and co-create with Spirit the life of their dreams.

Q: Why did you decide to join as a contributing author in our book? 

A: I always wanted to write a book, and when I received Jodi Chapman’s proposal to become a contributor I felt it was a divine sign to finally step out of my comfort zone and share with others some of the simple, yet powerful, ways I connect with my Soul.
I also loved the idea of being part of a collaborative project together with like-minded people and to remind others of the importance of connecting with our Divine Essence, our Inner Light and Wisdom and inspire them to implement 365 ways to do just that.
So, after reading that e-mail, I wrote back immediately and said my big YES! Then the journey began. It was not an easy one. I had to confront my perfectionism, my inner critic, my belief of not being a good enough writer, my fears of making grammar and syntax mistakes as English is not my mother tongue. I almost gave up before I even started writing! But then one day, as the deadline was approaching and I was contemplating on how will I manage to do it, I allowed myself to become still and while listening to the beautiful song of the birds outside my window, I felt the urgency to write and the first piece flowed so easily, like it was dictated by Spirit! Some days later the second piece was finished too.
The opportunity to join as a contributing author came like the manifestation of one of my dreams and it opened for me the door to even bigger and bolder dreams. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy!

Q: What do you hope each reader will take into their heart?

A: My hope is that all readers will gain inspiration, guidance and helpful tips and motivation to implement them in their daily life. I also hope that they will be touched by the love, joy, excitement and collective spirit that emanate from this book and realize that working with Spirit is easy, doable, uncomplicated and fun.

Q: What’s one way that you connect with your soul?

A: One of the many ways I love and use to connect with my Soul is this very simple, but amazingly efficient way: I love sitting in my garden at sunset, allowing myself to relax completely and connect with everything around me. I become still in the twilight while watching the last rays of the sun fading behind the mountain. Then, while the sky is getting darker, I slowly turn within, becoming aware of the sacred space inside my heart and with my mind’s eyes I watch the flame of a candle glowing there, gradually growing, becoming a giant sun, expanding throughout my whole body, filling it with a magnificent, brilliant light, my Divine Essence, connecting me with my Soul.

Q: What’s one thing about you that surprises others?

A: People are very surprised when they hear that for 21 years I used to be and work as a civil engineer and they are also intrigued by my Romanian roots.

I hope you enjoyed reading the interview and I’m looking forward to meeting you at our party on the 17th of November! And now, go on and follow your Light!


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