A New Year Begins…. So What NOW?

Happy New Year, Beautiful Journeyer!

Happy new year Lumi
A brand new year has begun and you might feel excited and full of hope for a better, more fulfilled and aligned with your inner truth life. You have made decisions to bring change in some areas of your current life, you even made a list of what you need to do in order to manifest these changes and finally be who you really want to be, do the things you love and live the life of your dreams. In the man’s world we live in, you feel that you need to do those things that all the people around you (and around the world) seem to do, set intentions, make lists upon lists, then make new lists with step by step goals and this feels like it will have no end. Lists for the changes you want to bring in your life, list of goals to achieve in your business, lists, lists, lists…. After a few days you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start, even though you have created all these lists!

So, what should you do now? My first and most important tip? Remember to breathe! Each time you feel overwhelmed and just want to give up, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to feel what you feel. Is what you feel making you feel good? If so, you then know that you are on the right path and you can continue doing what you were doing. If not, take some deep breaths and think of something that will bring you a better feeling and from that space ask yourself what your next step should be. Repeat this exercise whenever you need it and you’ll find more ease and grace on your path.

There is something else that I’d like to talk about now. This is so important that I might repeat it from time to time so you don’t forget it. Before you start working on your intentions and new goals, you have to clear the energies of your past steps and actions. You need to clear up all negativity, self-doubt, lack of confidence, past failures and hurts, old patterns, beliefs and habits, all that might keep you stuck and in procrastination mode. Unless you do this, all you’ll do is to try to build something solid on a sand foundation and I think that it is clear to you that this is not possible. You have to clear the old energies and change your attitude if you want to bring change in your life and finally achieve and accomplish some of your dreams.

lifted up

There are many ways to do this. If you have downloaded my gift, “Your 9 day Journey to wellness with the Archangels”, you now know that you can connect with the Archangels and receive their help and support in many ways, in all areas of your life (you can still download it here).

You can also work with reiki, crystals and other energy work you might already know and use. You might use affirmations and visualization. From my experience, the best way to work on some of my issues and clear the pathways for a new beginning is to work with someone that I am guided to and really trust them and their work. Yes, I still work with a healer from time to time and I do work with a coach to support and guide me on my life and business’ path. And I find that this is the best investment I could do for myself!

If you really would like to see a change in your life, in your spiritual and personal growth, your awakening and expansion, if you dream of becoming the being that you feel deep within that you are, the being that is authentic, joyful, free, accomplished, alive and happy, you have to realize that you need to invest time and money for yourself.
Think about where you would be next year without making a decision and commit to invest in yourself …. you probably will find yourself in the same unpleasant place you are now.

So I’d like to remind you that I am here to fulfill my soul purpose and guide you in your journey to awaken to your spiritual nature, remember who you really are, to release the energetic blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs that you hold so you can become the Amazing Being that you are meant to be, attract the life you are meant to live and find purpose and meaning for your journey on Earth.

As an expression of my gratitude for being one of my Journeyers, I have decided to offer you something special, something that will help you start the cleansing process and move forward into your life and I’m offering it at a very special price! For the whole month of January I will offer my Sacred Clearing and Awakening 35 minutes session for ONLY 22 Euros (regular price 47 Euros).                          You can find more about this session here. To book your session, please contact me here .   

I’d also like you to know that, whatever juncture you find yourself during this time of Awakening and collective Shift, I can help you understand your individual awakening and how to manifest and live your Soul Expression and your Light for more harmony, peace, happiness, love and success in your life.

May this BRAND NEW YEAR OF 2016 bring you infinite blessings of love, abundance, fulfillment, prosperity and JOY! 

Much Love and many Blessings


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