Awakening Series

My experience with Awakening

girl-and-rainIn 1990 my life, as I knew it, changed. 

After a painful divorce, I found myself alone, separated from my kids, in a foreign country, with very few friends. It was then that my search for meaning and truth started. I became a seeker, reading book after book in my search for understanding and it was at that time that I discovered yoga. In the early ‘90s, yoga wasn’t readily spread or even understood but I fell in love with it.

After that I became an avid participant in all sorts of workshops, my first one being the Silva method. During these workshops I gradually realized that all is energy, the reality is an illusion, we are the creators of our own reality and we all have innate abilities that no one has ever told us about. From 1990 to 2000 I had glimpses of what was possible for me, but, as the saying goes, life got in the way and I didn’t give myself the chance to implement much of those things. That period of my life was the opening towards what was to come…

The next step

In 2000 I was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. And for one year I had to go through a very difficult treatment which in the end had no results. At that point I realized that I had to take my life in my own hands and change my situation. People believe that the first step on the path is difficult, that we have to find the will and the power to decide to change our lives. But in reality, as I was saying in my previous post (you can go and read it again HERE), we are wired to make changes and awaken into a new reality and new possibilities when the pain we feel, physically or emotionally, is too much for us. That first step becomes inevitable.

At that time I was told that the chronic illness I had might bring all sorts of complications and an awful death in the end and my partner of 4 years got scared, wasn’t able to deal with the situation and just left me. This time I was really alone. I was in tremendous emotional pain, some of my colleagues started to avoid any contact with me and I felt rejected and misunderstood. I couldn’t deal with my life anymore. I felt anger and rage. I wanted to destroy everything, especially myself.

But then, there was a whisper, a voice from deep within that told me “Stop being a victim, there is another reality for you and you do have a choice, so start looking for opportunities and open yourself to what will show up for you”. From that moment I decided that my life would change and I’d make the most of it.

A new path opened in front of me and I allowed myself to follow it. It was then that I discovered reiki. In the next 5 years, I became a real workshop junkie, learning, experiencing and implementing new modalities of healing and spiritual growth. I became a Reiki and Angelic reiki Master, a crystal and color therapist, an Angel and Ascension teacher, a past life regression therapist and a Soul coach, among many, many others. Each and every workshop and course that I took then brought me closer and closer to realizing my Divine nature, my own inner Light, my healing abilities and the ability to help others on their own path. During that time I allowed myself to open my mind and my heart, to expand and awaken to other realities and dimensions, beginning to remember more and more of the wisdom and guidance that were already within me.

Peru 2008My connection with the Spiritual guides and teachers from other realms and dimensions deepened and I was guided to use all of my gifts and talents and dedicate my life to helping others. My life mission was thus revealed to me. At that point in my life it became imperative to leave my job as a civil engineer and start fulfilling my purpose. So I did, filled with the trust and faith that everything will be perfect, that the Universe has my back and will take care of me.

And for the next years I did dedicate my life to serve others in any way I knew, through healing sessions, through teaching and giving people the tools to heal and change their lives and, at the same time, continuing my own spiritual growth and expansion through daily practice, travelling to sacred sites on the planet and experiencing the activations and infusions of energies, working for the healing of the planet and humanity, going in spiritual retreats and deepening my relationship with yoga and connecting with like minded people. These were some of the best years of my life!

In 2012 I was guided to leave that path and a new one opened for me, preparing me for what was to come later on in my life. I was prompted to start working on myself, to go deeper and deeper within, to clear blocks, beliefs, patterns, all that which was keeping me in duality. I needed to merge with Oneness and ascend to higher levels of consciousness. I found new mentors and I immersed myself in advanced teachings and activations meditation and stillness. And the results were beyond imaginable! But I still had one step to take before being able to be and live as the Divine Light that I am. A period of almost 2 years of profound darkness, a real terrifying night of my Soul followed.

The Dark night of my Soul

emotional-paintings-538As I said in my previous post (go and read it HERE), Awakening is a process. Layer after layer, veil after veil must be uncovered, peeled off so we gradually remember our true nature and discover more and more about the existence of new infinite possibilities. We start to have trust and faith and know that everything is the way it should be and surrender without judgment. We discover more about the process of co-creation with Spirit and the process of receiving our manifestations and allow them to become our new reality.
Each of the veils that cover the Truth has to be taken off and one needs to allow cleansing, healing and forgiveness and has to be opened and allow the receiving to take place. We need to close all the “accounts” still running our life and existence. For all that to happen, we have to be ready, at least at an energetic, subconscious or even unconscious level. And then something really big happens in our life and we have to deal with all the remains of old karma, beliefs, patterns, feelings, etc, so we can let go of the old, make space for a new reality and ascend to even higher levels of consciousness.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, as a result of the hepatitis c I had fostered for God knows how many years, even before my diagnosis in 2000. I had to go through “hell” and it was the most difficult period of my life. I came out victorious. During that time the only thing that kept me going was the bright light at the end of the very deep, intense darkness of the tunnel I was crossing. There were times when I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore and wanted out. I just wanted to go Home.

receiving light

But I also had this inner feeling that my mission on earth was not finished and that I was totally supported by Spirit and I would find the strength and the courage to cross the tunnel and merge with the Light that was waiting for me on the other side. I came out of that experience, having to discover anew who I really was and who I was not, what my work with others was about, what shape and form it would take, uncover new talents and gifts and put them in use so I could serve others better.

My new mission was waiting for me.

And the Journey continues…

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