Distant Intuitive Healing and Awakening Activation Sessions


Distant Intuitive Healing and Awakening Activation Sessions

Each Healing and Awakening activation session is transformational, unique, sacred and specific to you and your needs and so are the results of it.

I am a divinely guided healer and full-body channel of Divine Light. I work with higher levels of consciousness to bring through cosmic energy to move you forwards on your journey, bringing you healing, balance and alignment with your Divine Essence and facilitating your connection with Spirit.

 We will connect on an energetic level in a field of Light and Love energies. In this Quantum field I will channel for you cosmic energy and the energy of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual guides and other Beings of Light and I will work with them on your issues.

Watermelon tourmaline rounded 270x350  At a physical level, I will create a crystal grid especially for you and I will activate it with  cosmic energy and infuse it with the energy of the  Archangels with the intention that you  receive what you are asking for.  (you will receive a photo of the crystal grid by e-mail  and you can keep it with you or in your room).

 Ideally it is best if you can take time out of your busy schedule  allowing  time to relax  and be still allowing the energies to work for  your highest  good. 

 If that’s not possible, an intention can be set for you to receive the healing at an appropriate time and place where you can relax. Sessions are always overseen by higher levels of consciousness including your guides and higher levels of your Self, they will see that this reaches you at the right time.

Sessions start by a free 20 min. consultation over the phone to discuss any issues or intentions you may have prior to starting the program and to explain how the sessions work, what you need to do and what to expect. The long distance healing sessions are offered in packages of 4 (received in 2 weeks), 6 sessions (received in 2 weeks) , 8 sessions (received in 4 weeks) or 12 sessions (received in 4 weeks). Please contact me HERE to ask for the prices of these packages.

Once the healing is complete, feedback will be sent in an e-mail with guidance for your next steps.

Some of the reported benefits of these Healing and Awakening Activation sessions are:

  • Activation of your innate ability to heal and restore yourself, healing and recovery from diseases or injuries
  • Freedom from physical or emotional pain
  • Decrease of some of the side effects of drugs and recovery from drug therapy for surgery or chemotherapy
  • Long lasting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment and balance
  • Regeneration of your body, increased health, vitality and wellness
  • Freedom from anxiety, stress, negative thinking and the feeling of “being stuck”
  • A sense of freedom, inner peace and harmony, greater self-confidence and ease in life
  • Removal of blocks or distortions that keep you from connecting with Source and your own Divine Essence
  • Awakening to your spiritual nature and a new reality, growth and expansion of your consciousness and living as the Light Being that you are.

BONUS 1:  A crystal grid done especially for you. I’ll use the stones and crystals that hold the energies that you need and I’ll program them to assist and help you with the whole process. You will receive a picture of this personal crystal grid, which will be infused with the energy intended for our work together. unicorn rounded


BONUS 2: An e-mail card reading per package (for this reading I’ll follow my intuition regarding which set of cards is more beneficial for you – I might use Angels/Archangels or Unicorns cards, Crystals, Soul coaching or other set of cards from my collection).



For further information and to see if we’re a good match for each other, please go now and book your complimentary 20 min. Sacred Connection session  HERE. I’d also like to know more about you and what you are looking for. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

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