How do YOU connect with your Soul?

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Did you know that you have a Guardian Angel who is always at your side? Your guardian angel is here to guide and protect you. The inner promptings you receive are often your Angel leading you to where you should be going in life.  She is a gift from God and it never leaves you, from before your birth to after your death. Your Guardian Angel loves you and you are precious to her – you are the most important person in the world to her and her mission is to do everything she can for you.

She makes certain that you are always safe and guided.

I am referring to your Guardian Angel here as a “she”, but in reality the Angels have no gender, sometimes they might look as a male and others as a female. In my experience, my Guardian Angel can take different forms and shapes and doesn’t always have wings… sometimes appears as bright orb and sometimes I only feel a loving presence by my side. Each time you’ll ask your Guardian Angel for assistance, she will help you to connect with your Higher Self (Soul) and find guidance, inspiration, solutions to your problems and peace.

In my article bellow I am describing one of the ways you can connect with her and receive direct guidance and inspiration.

Resolving problems with your Guardian Angel’s help

“Some weeks ago my daughter came for a visit… She needed some guidance, as she had a proposition for a new job and she wasn’t sure if she should leave her present job or not. We talked for a while, and then I reminded her of one of the exercises we did in an Angel workshop some years ago and she was eager to give it a try.

So I asked her to close her yes, take some deep breaths, inhaling pure white golden light and exhaling all the worries and the confusion she felt.
Then I asked her to call in her Guardian Angel and feel her presence in any way that was significant to her. When I sensed that she was relaxed I asked her to open her eyes and start writing to her Guardian Angel about her issue on the notebook I gave her earlier.
When she finished writing I asked her to close her eyes and feel again the presence of her Guardian Angel, then open her eyes and start writing as quickly as she could, without analyzing the words that came into her mind, until she finished.

When she read the written words, in the beginning she thought that it made no sense, but I reminded her that Spirit has its way to give messages and she should look again at the words, phrases and the drawing she was given and allow herself to receive their hidden message. And then, suddenly, she exclaimed “Now I understand! I know what I have to do!”.
Later on she followed that guidance and inspiration and the results were beyond her beliefs….

Now, why am I telling you this story?
Because you too, dear reader, can do the same. And you don’t need someone to guide you through this process. Just follow the steps described above and you will find the guidance, inspiration and release that you might need in a difficult situation.
And remember, all is possible when you connect with your Soul and allow Spirit to be your guide!”

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I’d love to receive your thoughts, comments and feedback on my tip for resolving your issues with the help of your Guardian Angel and the ways YOU connect with your Soul, so please write them in the comments’ section bellow!

Stay tuned in to my future posts here, where I’ll give more tips and tricks to help you change your life, co-create with Spirit and find harmony and joy!
Until next time, go out into the world and turn your Light on!

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