Meet Lumi

 Hello, Amazing Journeyer!

I am an Intuitive healer, a channel of Divine Light and a Spiritual Mentor. My clients are usually women, and some men, from all over the world, people who feel like something is missing from their life and feel stuck, lost, sad, lonely and depressed.

In partnership with the Divine, as a channel for the Divine Light and the energies of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Dolphins, Star Beings and Galactic energy, I co-create powerful energetic shifts, helping people to:

  • transcend their issues, limiting beliefs and energetic blockages
  • remember who they really are and connect with their Inner Light
  • connect with the guidance that is available to them
  • awaken and activate their process of Ascension.

I guide them through a process of breaking the limitations of human perceptions and rise to new heights of conscious awareness, to find meaning, purpose and joy in their life and co-create with Spirit the life of their dreams.

My life’s work is a joy, since I’ve learned to live in trust and partnership with Spirit and a vast team of divine-light beings from many realms and dimensions. This vast, wise, loving Light team has evolved over time, as I became clearer about myself, my purpose, developed trust and released old patterning and density that kept me in limiting and painful experiences.

As I expanded my ability to hold more love and light, my awareness and abilities increased, as did my joy, abundance and inner peace. And as I continue to expand my awareness of my multidimensional self, much more reveals itself to me! 

Your awareness and abilities will increase too as you re-connect with your Divine Light, remember who you are and turn inward for your inner truth and wisdom and tap deep into the greater potentials within your Divine essence.

My Awakening

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My experience with the Angels started when I was 7 years old. All my life I felt their presence and received their guidance and support on many occasions, but I didn’t really understood how Spirit works.

 My spiritual awakening started after a painful divorce in 1989, when I discovered yoga and meditation. It was at that time that I became interested in Psychology, Self Development and Spirituality. I was trying to make sense of my lost marriage, the separation from my children, an illness that appeared from “nowhere”, trying to understand why I had to go through all these experiences.

Life continued and I was going through the motions, surviving, doing the best I could, but still being disconnected from my Soul and Spirit, sleepwalking, living in the past and worrying about the future. I had my good moments and the “bad” ones….

The dark night of my Soul

Until the first bells started tolling…. In 2000 I discovered that I had a life-threatening illness and I went through my first one year treatment without success….That was the moment all my life changed. It was then I became an eager student and reader, and a participant in many workshops and courses, mostly related to spiritual growth and various alternative modalities of healing. It was then my spiritual awakening really began. I left my job as a civil engineer and I became a healer and a spiritual teacher and for many years I enjoyed the rewards of watching the healing, clearing and transformation in the lives of those who came to work with me. Digging deeper and deeper for my own healing and transformation, I became more connected with my Divine Essence and with Spirit.

woman in thoughts rounded But the work with myself hadn’t ended… there were some parts of my inner world that I still didn’t owned. I had to go deeper into the darkness that until then I avoided to acknowledge. I subconsciously knew that only then I could  express and live my authentic self, my Divine Essence and help others to do  the same. It was in 2013 when the bells start tolling again, stronger this time.  The chronic illness I’ve kept in the background of my life brought another life- threatening disease and I had to stop everything and do the best I could to find  a cure. I went again through a one year of a very aggressive treatment, with side effects unimaginable, with many moments of believing that my time to leave this body had arrived. During that time I used many of the healing tools I had in my arsenal and I received a lot of help from my healer friends. After that I had to start everything from the beginning and decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Where I am now

It was then that I received guidance to come out into the world and offer my gifts, my knowledge and wisdom on a larger scale to help more people and the planet. 

Our purpose here is to remember who we really are, and we all are expressions of the Divine and co-creators of our reality. When we embody and co-create with the higher frequencies of the Divine energies we allow for greater expansion in many areas of our lives. 

The energy of the planet has shifted and more and more people are awakening. It is important now that we all help this process of expansion and evolution and work together for the greater good.

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The sacred places of the planet are carrying tremendous energy, as well as the 12 chakras of the planet and the 33 cosmic gates. Some of them are not opened yet or are now in this process of opening.

And so, recently, I was given a new mission that involves the lighting up and activation of some of these sacred places, as well as the awakening and evolution in consciousness of more and more people.

So I invite YOU now to participate to this cosmic event. I want to take YOU with me on this new path….

I am your guide into Awakening and Ascension and I will lead YOU on your special mission…

I want YOU to remember who you are, discover your greatness, transform your life and work with me to change your inner and outer world and to contribute to the greater good of all…. and I will use tools from my arsenal to help you to achieve it!

I will lead you in a Journey through awakening, ascending and achieving your full potential and living as the Being of Light that you are. I will guide you in a Journey of re-connecting you with your Spirit guides and other Enlightened Beings and co-creating your reality with them.

And I will lead YOU in Sacred journeys around the planet to celebrate YOU and to work together for the greater good of the planet and all humanity! I will lead you in sacred ceremonies, guided meditations, healing sessions and I’ll hold your hand all the way!

When you grow your inner candle Light into an inner giant Sun you will light up the energetic vortexes of the planet and help Mother Earth and all humanity, just by being the true YOU!

I invite you to take this journey with me and enjoy a happier, more joyful, abundant and fulfilled life!

If you feel it in your heart, follow me!

You can start your Journey with me today:

Go  HERE  to sign up and you will receive the download link for the free gift I have for you, “Your 9 day Journey to Wellness with the Archangels”, in your inbox. This 9 day mini-course is designed to help you to:

  • Make a connection with seven Archangels,
  • Recognize the Signs of their presence,
  • Understand who they are, what their Divine purpose is and what kind of assistance they can offer to you,
  • Experience their presence and develop a relationship with them.

Book your complimentary 20 min. Sacred Connection session  HERE, I’d like to know more about you and what you are looking for. I might even give you a small sample of my work! I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Some of my certifications:

  • Reiki Master Teacher (2007, Frans Stiene of International House of Reiki and others 2001-2003)
  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher (2004, Kevin Core)
  • Komyo Reiki Master Teacher (2006, Hyakuten Inamoto)
  • Angels, Ascension and Golden Age of Atlantis teacher (2007, Diana Cooper Foundation)
  • Crystal and Colour therapy practitioner (2004, School of Natural Health Sciences, UK)
  • Soul coaching and Past life regression therapist (2008, Denise Linn, USA)
  • Aura Soma level 2 practitioner (2006, ASIACT, UK)

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