Personal Soul Expansion Journeys

Soul Expansion Journeys – Awakening to Your Divine Essence

I am a divinely guided healer and full-body channel of Divine Light and of the energy of highly Enlightened Beings. I work with higher levels of consciousness to bring through guidance, clearing and healing to move you forwards on your journey, bringing you into greater alignment with your Divine Essence and facilitating your own connection with Spirit.  

Each Soul Expansion Journey session, whether it involves a healing, clearing, activation, alignment or other process, is transformational, unique, sacred and specific to you and your holy path.

Negative energies relating to behavioral patterns, old beliefs and experiences, cords and attachments, emotional trauma, past lives and more are cleared whilst bringing in high vibrational energies to bring deep healing and open you up more to Source, your Divine Essence and the love, joy, harmony and abundance that you deserve.

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This is a process of clearing, uncovering your true self, remembering your Divine Essence and connecting with Spirit. During the awakening process your mind, your body and your soul are rising higher in vibration. You are ascending into new experiences of consciousness, new levels of love, joy, abundance and peace. 

What to expect in a session

We connect in an energetic field of Light and Love energies. We work with Angels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual guides, Teachers and other Enlightened Beings from different realms and dimensions.  

In this field of Quantum vibrational energies, while I bring in the channeled energy of these Divine Beings, I also use the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, rattles or other “instruments” and my own voice (for toning and chanting) and a crystal grid created especially for you and your issue so you receive the healing you need and clear the blocks and obstacles that keep you from connecting with Spirit and your Divine Essence. You then will be able to connect with and feel the presence and assistance from the Light Beings that are with us during the session. You might also receive insights, messages and information which speak directly to you at the heart and soul level. The experience is profound and life changing. 

You open up to higher awareness within your consciousness and heart.  Shifts occur on multiple quantum levels such as: your energetic fields, your chakras, your physical, mental, spiritual, etheric and casual bodies and beyond. With each session, more clearing and healing is accomplished and your inner connection to Spirit is continually enhanced and, as a result, your life is more joyful, harmonious, peaceful and fulfilled. After our work together you and your life will be completely changed, and I am the living proof of how powerful, transforming and empowering this work is. 

Sessions start with a free 15 to 20 min. consultation over the phone to discuss your intentions and your expectations from our work, choose the issue(s) you would like to work on together and ask any questions you might have. They are offered in packages of 3 sessions (completed in one month) or 6 sessions (completed in 2 months). Please contact me HERE for the prices of these packages.

If you would like to have a taste of my work first you can book an introductory 35 min. Sacred Clearing and Awakening session or a 1 hour single Sacred Soul Expansion Journey session. All sessions are available on Skype worldwide. 

Each experience is unique to each client, and some of the benefits that people have reported are:

  • Clearing and release of the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from connecting with Spirit and attract the life you are meant to live, 
  • Awakening to your spiritual nature and a new reality, growth and expansion of your consciousness and living as the Light Being that you are,
  • Connection to and experience of the presence of Enlightened Beings from other realms and dimensions, receiving their guidance, messages and support and co-creating with them,
  • Filling the void within with a profound, empowering relationship with your Divine Light and Spirit,
  • Overcoming depression, restlessness, confusion, apathy, and other negative states and emotions
  • Living a stress free, balanced life, enjoying healthy, meaningful relationships, accessing your creativity and deeper levels of joy, finding meaning and purpose in life.

Included in the packages of 3 or 6 sessions that I’m offering are MP3 downloads of each session and at least one intuitive painting of the energy of our session(s) together, for further clearings, activation and assimilation of the energies and information you experienced on the call.

Before thinking “I couldn’t possibly afford to work with you!”, please take a few moments and think about what it will mean for you to NOT work with me. Imagine where will you be a year or 5 years from now… probably in the very spot you are today, with the same issues and feelings of frustration.Will you allow that to happen? Please search into your heart and find your answer. 

For further information, pricing and to see if we’re a good match for each other, please go now and book your complimentary 20 min. Sacred Connection session  HERE. I’d also like to know more about you and what you are looking for. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


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