Sacred Journeys

We are blessed to live in an extraordinary period of time in the history of the planet and of all humanity. The energy of the planet has shifted and more and more people are awakening. It is important now that we all help this process of expansion and evolution and work together for the greater good.

The sacred places of the planet are carrying tremendous energy, as well as the 12 chakras of the planet and the 33 cosmic gates. Some of them are not opened yet or are now in this process of opening.

planetary grid rounded


Some months ago I was given a mission that involves the lighting up and activation of some of these sacred places, as well as the awakening and evolution in consciousness of more and more people.

So I invite YOU now to participate to this cosmic event. I want to take YOU with me on this new path….

woman blessing rounded

I will lead YOU in Sacred journeys around the world to celebrate YOU and to work together for the greater good of the planet and all humanity!

I will lead you in sacred ceremonies, guided meditations, healing sessions, infusions of energy, activations, and I’ll hold your hand all the way!

I invite you to take this transformational journey with me and enjoy a happier, more joyful, abundant and fulfilled life!

If you feel it in your heart, follow me!


There are no Journey Retreats organized at the moment. As I always work under the guidance of Spirit, I am also waiting to see where Spirit will send me next!

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