What is Awakening?

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There is so much talk about Awakening that I thought I’d write a post about it so that I can answer some of your questions to get you started or help you further your journey of Awakening.
Let’s start from the beginning. Here’s a fact: Awakening is a process, short for some, very long for others. You don’t just wake up awakened and you probably will be in the process all of your life but there is definitely a time when you will realize that something has shifted.

Usually it takes a lot of pain and suffering to realize that we cannot go on living the way we do and that we need a change. To become aware of what is and awaken to new possibilities. The pain might be physical, a life threatening disease, a chronic disability, or it might be a deep emotional and mental pain, the loss of someone we love, our security might be in jeopardy, or we are subjects of some kind of abuse. It also might be a chronic feeling of being lost, misunderstood, alone, sensing a deep void within, something that keeps you from feeling joy and give meaning and purpose to your life. For some people there might be the pain and fear of not knowing what to do with their new discovered gifts and talents, like the ability of healing others or talking with spiritual guides, or when their soul’s mission and purpose is revealed to them and they have no idea what to do about it.

As a result, a desire is born, the desire of feeling good at all times, have a purpose and understand the meaning of life, embrace the unknown and stretch out of your comfort zone to achieve it. This desire is what will drive you to move forward and to take action. Because only when you become fully aware of what’s going on in your life and realizing that there is another way, you can have the opportunity to put an end to your pain and start walking the path of awakening.

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And after the first step on that path you know that there is no turning back. You cannot become unaware of the things you are now aware.

At this point I want to remind you that Awakening is an on-going process. In the beginning, after you have awakened to new possibilities and have made the decision to take action, you start to have glimpses and insights about the new reality that you feel is there, under your nose, but you are yet to see or remember. In this phase you begin reading book after book and participating in workshops related to spirituality and alternative modalities of healing. Your interest will change and you’ll make new friends, people that, like you, are on their path to Awakening.

Driven by your desire to advance quickly, you might decide to follow a guru or a teacher blindly, believing that only with their help or only in their presence you are able to achieve higher states of consciousness and have spiritual experiences. Here I’d like to warn you that all that you’ll do is to give away your own power and your innate ability to reach the highest levels of consciousness possible, your own ability to expand and evolve.

Will you need someone to guide and assist you in your journey?

Awakening is a process and you will need time to learn and remember more, to assimilate and completely integrate each step on the way and then move forward. For some it’s a matter of months, for others of years! And I want to tell you now, please, don’t ever compare your own process with that of others! This will only frustrate or discourage you or it will give you the false belief that you are more advanced or even special or superior to others, and neither of these will help you.

Therefore you will need a guide, someone who has walked the path before you and can show you some shortcuts and assist you when resistance, uncertainty or fear appear, when you find obstacles in your way or you need help with the clearing and healing of what is showing up. When searching for a guide, make sure that she (or he) walks her talk, has integrity, honesty, unconditional love and compassion as her sacred life values and sincerely wants to assist you while you open your wings, then support and encourage you to fly on your own.

Just keep going, allow yourself to expand and evolve more, to own each step of the journey and enjoy them fully.
In my next blog I’ll share with you my own experience and journey on the path to a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

Until then, go on and follow your Light!

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